Thursday, 6 March 2014

OUTFIT: Hen's #1


 So I know that I've been mentioning a lot about weddings and hens and my determination to wear a different outfit each and every time. And, as I've attended 4/5 events and shared no photos is very careless of me.

So, I shall begin with my very first event - the Hen's. It seems so long ago now - but what a fun time we all had. What happens on a hen's stays on a hen's.

I did have red lipstick on but it faded throughout the day/night - because soon fool didn't bring any with her :\ Oops. I went for a very simple outfit. I just wasn't feeling it. I was in a fowl mood so I kind of just got dressed in a hurry. I did have a Crystal Head vodka bottle in my bag which made it SO heavy - and I also almost smashed it :\ So glad I didn't.


blazer - supre
bracelet - bevilles

I will have more to show you coming up soonish =D

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