Wednesday, 29 February 2012

EVENT: 2012 84th Oscar Academy Awards

I always have trouble watching the Academy Awards. I'm not one of those people who find it boring - I actually enjoy watching them. But the problem is always that a lot of the movies nominated haven't been released in Australia yet - so you're either spoiled by the clips or you just don't know what all the fuss is about. And well, unless you watch it live, it's very hard not to find out the results ahead of time because they'll announce it on the radio, tv etc without warning you beforehand.

Still it was a good night. I'm a fan of Cirque Du Soleil and excited to see their performance - and they didn't disappoint. Esperanza Spalding rendition of 'What A Wonderful World' for the 'in memoriam' segment was beautiful.

And let's not forget the fashion. White. White. White. seems to be all the rage this year. And actually, my favourite three looks were all in white. Octavia Spencer, Milla Jovovich and Giuliana Rancic. I only wish Giuliana had worn her hair in a pony tail - because I think the bun ages her. I really liked the belt on Sandra Bullock's Marchesa gown but there was something a bit of a miss about it.

I thought Meryl Streep very graceful in her gold Lanvin frock. I thought Glenn Close looked very chic for choosing a forest green dress with matching blazer. It seems that Natalie Portmans' gown has people divided but I loved the texture in the dress. It wasn't my favourite look of hers but the texture saves it for me. I also liked the beautiful tones in the gowns worn by Sarah Hyland and Penelope Cruz.

I'm not a big fan of Jonah Hill - I always think back to his early comedies, ugh! - but he looked a peach. And it was so sweet of him to take his Mum. I had some friends meet him last year when they were in LA. They said that he was very sweet so I have respect for him being so down to Earth - at least around them ... Robert Downey Jr was a close second. 

My favourite for Best Dressed Couple was George Clooney and Stacey Keilbler. Hands down, no comparison. Kenneth Branagh wins my spunk of the night award! He looked much younger than his 51 years.

Photos from Getty Images.

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