Sunday, 5 February 2012

HOME: Lilly Leaf Lights by Short Story


I received these beautiful white Short Story Lilly Leaf Lights for Christmas and today I finally got around to putting them up. I've been a mucho bad procrastinator at putting them up but I've been lost on where to put them. I ended up wrapping them around the head of my four poster bed. I had considered it earlier but I have white curtains hanging from the head of the bed and faux white and pink roses wrapped around the two end poles - so I thought that the lights might clash.

But I'm so glad that I decided to try them there anyway because their light adds such a beauty, ambiance and almost magical look and feel to my bedroom. They are made from real leaves so when you spray them with water, the leaves open up. I swear, it's the most magical thing I've ever seen! No lie. 

I also love their Paper Flora! ... I just can't figure out which design I want yet ... there's too many to choose from lol! 

If any of my friends are reading this - guess where I'm buying your birthday presents this year? Short answer - Short Story :)


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