Thursday, 2 February 2012

LOVE: Oversized Knit Top by Supre

Being a student usually means that you're almost always short with money. Once you pay for the groceries, rent, car and bills, there's very little left for a social life (95% of that budget being alcohol - jk I'm not a big social drinker) and fashion, so before I make a purchase I like to make sure that I will get a lot of wear out of it. I don't see the point in buying something that I love that's super expensive that I will wear once - because every time I see it going unworn in my wardrobe, slowly but surely, my love will turn into hate and then despise and I'll end up selling it on eBay. So long story short (kinda too late for that but anywho), I try to make sure that it's worth cost per wear.

I'm sure others justify their spending in different ways than I. But the way that works for me is sketching. I love to sketch outfits. I don't sketch any new designs - I'm not a fashion designer - but I love to sketch outfits using items I own, items I'd like to buy or items I'd love to style with.

I'm currently lusting over the Supre Oversized Knit Top $32 in Jade. And this is just one page (the mainly black page - it's a Melbourne thing) of my sketches of how I would wear it. (I'm not the best sketcher but I sketching all the same).

I'll try it on next time I go shopping - and if all goes to plan, then it shall soon be all mine muahaha! :)


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