Saturday, 18 February 2012

LOVE: Saphite Boots by Wittner

I think I did the quickest shop of my life today! I was walking around like a maniac because I had limited time. I even forgot to go to Dusk - grr - but these Saphite Emerald Suede Boots by Wittner caught my eye from afar. But now, having looked on the website, I think I prefer the Saphite Winterberry Suede instead. But ... I promised myself that I wouldn't buy anymore shoes - damn! I'm 99% sure that they are also real leather - so woohoo! my conscience won't let me buy them anyway. (I'm anti-leather, anti-fur etc etc you get the picture.) Money saved! 

I also didn't end up buying anything - but Lovisa does have the necklace that I want so I must remember to go back there next week sometime and buy it before I miss my chance.

Enjoy your weekend everybody!

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