Wednesday, 7 March 2012

LOVE: Trail Blazer by Honey & Beau

I've always wanted a blazer with coat tails. I found one online once. It was a flaming red colour and the most gorgeous thing I'd ever seen! Sadly, it was a little expensive and after showing it to a friend, he convinced me not to get it. I regret that now and I wish I had got it. I don't remember what website it was, what brand, what anything - all I know is, I loved it!

I think another problem with it was that it reminded me a lot of a circus ringleader. The colour and style just screamed ringleader! So that's why I love this Trail Blazer by Honey & Beau. It's kind of a cross between asymmetrical and coat tails. It's also a little bit safari and a touch military. I expected there to be coat tails looking at the photo from in front but despite that, I really love the whole look of the blazer. It looks very classy and unusual. I like that.

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