Tuesday, 27 March 2012

VIDEO: Cry Little Sister by Gerald McMann

A common question I get asked is where did the title of my blog come from. Well, let me say that it was hard to come up with the perfect name. I wanted something a little strange, catchy and something that people would remember.

I knew that I had to have a personal connection with it - it had to be perfect, but so much more. After all, creating a blog is like creating a whole new persona. It's a brand - and the brand is you (well me, you understand). My blog was actually called something different for the first three days. But it just never felt right.

It just so happens that after my third day of blogging, that night, I watched The Lost Boys. It's one of my favourite movies from the 80s (close second to The 'Burbs - I do so love Corey Feldman). It's a classic vampire movie - back before vampires sparkled (he'll always be Cedric Diggory to me <3).

Here's a little video with the song and some scenes from the movie.


Thanks to   for making this video!

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