Saturday, 5 May 2012

OUTFIT: I've Seen Better Days

I'm currently having a season 4 Supernatural marathon. I loved seasons 1-3 but I feel like it's lost a bit of its sparkle since they introduced angels. But to be honest, season 4 is really growing on me. Angel-focused episodes still aren't my favourite but I'm enjoying them much more in the marathon and Genevieve Cortese (now Padalecki) as Ruby  is growing on me :)

Today, however, I took a break from the marathon and saw The Five Year Engagement. I wanted to like it but I didn't. It wasn't my type of movie. I prefer movies when you don't know how they are going to end - hence why I like too few movies ... it's a problem, I know. And a main reason why I have a big dislike for a lot of well-loved chick flicks. Still, I love my movie collection - even if some would say that it's quite bad.

I really like this outfit though. It's very much inspired by Olivia Palermo.


tshirt - cotton on
necklace - equip
vest - forever new
skirt - coast via asos
shoes - famous footwear
belt - primark

photos by T. Motherwell

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