Friday, 29 June 2012

BLOG: So you want to be a fashion stylist ...

While my 'ABOUT' page is down, I thought it was about time I did a bit of a Q&A just to fill the void. I was answering some of my most asked questions and I got to a question which had a very long answer so I wanted to dedicate a whole entry to it.

So here's my general skills that'll help you in your quest to become a fashion stylist.

Please note though, I am no expect. I am on my journey, just like everyone else. Everyone has their own path and there's no set plan on how to be successful. Work hard and do as much experience (paid or free) as you can. It might be a crappy job but you might meet someone there who will help you in the long run.

1. Become comfortable with a clothes steamer. It might seem like a simple tool to use - and in some ways, it is. But it's a good skill to know how to hold a garment so it's steamed properly.
2. Practise ironing. Just like a steamer, knowing how to iron properly will help you. Shirts are especially difficult so practise practise practise.
3. Learn to tie different knot ties. There's not just one type and if you're working with a suit, you'll more than likely be required to know how to tie a tie.
4. It doesn't hurt to have some basic sewing skills.
5. Become fast at taping shoes. It's the most boring job in the world but a vital one (especially if you want to get into catwalk and photoshoots). Any kind of wedge heel is the worst so I recommend starting with those. 
6. Stay on top of trends and learn your history. If you know your facts, you're likely to impress :)
7. Promote. Get the word out, make business cards, make contacts etc etc. Dressing up your friends and doing a photoshoot is good for your portfolio, or even taking a friend shopping and dressing them from head to toe. Practise = experience, no matter how big or small.
8. Keep a notebook of handy websites, store addresses, names and numbers. I find this most useful when I'm at home or on the road. Of course, it depends on the job but it doesn't hurt to have a list just incase. If you're on a job, do some research on nearby shops, coffeeshops, drycleaners, basically anyone who you might need last minute on the day and add it to your book.

Those are my tips for absolute beginners. It's a hard road but it has a lot of advantages. There are more specific tips but these are more genetric skills that are always good to have - as styling is so broad (TV, photosohoot, flat lays, etc etc not to mention non-fashion stylists) and every job is so different, so it's better to learn those on the job. Just remember, every great stylist started off as a beginner :)

Stay tuned for the full Q&A in a little while. If you have any questions, you can email me or leave me a comment ion my blog.



  1. Thank for this blog, It helps alot for those people who wants to be a sylist. Good Job!!


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