Thursday, 5 July 2012

LOVE: Ying Yang Boot by Betts

I went shopping last week on a mission to find shoes for Oz Comic Con. I have so many shoes but I really wanted some black wedge boots - I needed height so I didn't look so midge next to a certain tall celebrity *coughCorincough* - and I instantly fell in love with these Ying Yang Boot by Betts! I love the combination of (faux, mind you!) leather and suede. It's really unique - and I really do love unique.

I ended up not buying them because of a rude person in the store - she tried to push me over ... anyway - so I left the store in a hurry. I do so like a good sale item! I'm really itching to buy a new pair of shoes it seems, with yesterday's and today's entries being about shoes :)


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