Wednesday, 18 July 2012

TREND: Mirror Prints


Mirror Printed Vest by Miss Selfridge
Mirror Image Pencil Dress by Lipsy via ASOS
Printed Crepe-Jersey Dress by Roberto Cavalli


I love mirror prints. They remind me of making paper snowflakes and/or butterflies in primary school. You know where you'd fold a piece of paper in half, cut out a design and then you'd have a mirror image? It was also done with finger paints :)

I especially love the Printed Crepe-Jersey Dress by Roberto Cavalli. I've been obsessing over his stuff for a while and I just went insane and pinned most of his collection!

This collage was so hard to make because nothing matched together. Trend colours are so much easier to collage. And I'm going to have a colour one soon :)


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