Tuesday, 28 August 2012

LOVE: Cleopatre Print by Pleasure State

This is the first time I'm featuring lingerie on my blog. Lingerie is one of those items that isn't really necessary because it's a luxury item for yourself. Let's face it, if you're buying it to impress your man, he'd probably prefer to just tear it off and leave it crumpled up on the floor. Crude, but, in most cases, true.

I love lingerie though - especially Couture Cleopatre Midi Brief  and  Couture Cleopatre Contour Bra by Pleasure State (which if wasn't so expensive I would buy it now). Sexy lingerie can sometimes be that pick me up that you sometimes need to feel just that little bit extra sexy. It's hard to explain if you've never had the pleasure of owning and wearing lingerie, but if you ever do, I recommend it, if only just once to see if you feel more confident when wearing it.


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