Thursday, 23 August 2012

OUTFIT: Nothing But A Good Time

So these are possibly the worst outfit photos. Not that the photos are bad, per say, but they were just really really difficult to shoot when the wind is blowing you over between each click - or worse, your skirt right up flashing your neighbours and your photographer!

Melbournians, how bad was the weather today?! I hope you didn't get caught in the rain, hail, thunder, lightning or all four today. I was lucky that I managed to avoid most of the storm and only get caught in a little down pour of rain.

By the way, I'm very much in love with Richard Speight Jr at the moment! He's coming to Melbourne next year for All Hell Breaks Loose IV. But as much as I'm crushing on Richard, I think that $170 is just a bit too much to pay for a convention on a show that I'm not a huge fan of just to see one actor. I'd much rather wait, pray and hope that he'll do a cheaper con where there are other actors I'd like to meet too *coughDavidHewlettcough*


jumper - A|Wear by ASOS
skirt - ASOS
belt - vintage ebay
shoes - novo

photos by J. Brown

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