Monday, 6 August 2012

TREND: Pastels

Green Silk Belt Dress by Helmut Lang
Silk Tank by Chloé
Pastel Flippy Skater Skirt by Miss Selfridge
Leather Shoulder Bag by Z Spoke by Zac Posen

We live in a strange country/continent us Australians. Our trends are based on overseas fashion but due to the seasons, our trends comes to us at the wackiest of times! You would think, that being winter and all, our stores would be full of wool coats and boots but it's quite the opposite. Amongst the sea of mirror prints and neons, pastels are slowly creeping their ways into stores. Is pastels meant to be a winter or spring trend*? Or will we simply blink and then we'll miss the trend all together. Time can only tell ...

If you're pale, like me, and pastels wash you out - a good way to embrace the trend is to wear light colours on the lower half of your body and wear your best colours on the upper half. If you're afraid of top-to-toe pastels, accessories are a great tool to bring in the trend - think scarves, bags, jewellery and shoes. Also mix your pastels with your neons for a fun mixed trend look.

I've decided that I'm going to do another set of 'theme' posts all this week with some local pastel fashion. I haven't done a theme set since valentines so I feel like this is the perfect time :)

Enjoy your week everybody! 


* It's a spring/summer trend - just incase you didn't recognise my sarcasm ;)

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