Saturday, 8 September 2012

MSFW: City Square Runway 7 - Levi

My schedule for yesterday was kind of crazy because I had 2.5 hours to kill in between shows.
1-1.30pm - French Connection
2-2.30pm - Kevin Murphy Workshop - Stitch Me Up
5-5.30pm - Levi
7pm - Designer Series Runway 3

I had planned to get my hair, nails and eyelashes done in the "kill time" but I waited in the nail queue for over an hour without any luck. The problem was that the line split into two and by the time I was two away from the front, one of the ladies working there went on break and the line became one again pushing me back to forth. I then found out that the nail design I wanted was no longer available. So I jumped into the eyelash line and had to wait another hour. I was told that they had no individual lashes left but luckily, the lovely lady found one last set left. After lashes, I lined up for hair but I didn't have enough time, before the Levi show, to get anything done so I skipped the line and went to the show. 

This was all without food all day so I was kind of cranky lol. (Thankyou Cynthia for the breakfast/lunch cookie!) Oh and my feet were killing me! I hadn't sat down in about five hours :\ It was all okay in the end. I met some lovely people (and some strange) and I wanted my lashes done the most so all up, I can't complain ... at least, not too much =D And the gift bags were the most amazing (and heaviest!) - ever!

The Levi show was amazing. Live band. Theatrics. Dry ice. The girl's wore feathers in their hair. There was a great vibe in the room. Although, I wish my camera worked better when it's dark :\


PS. I didn't attend shows 4 and 5, and I won't be able to attend shows 8 and 9 -- sorry!


  1. Brunch at 4pm that included 1 cookie. No probs at all. You got the shot of the skate, I missed that one!

    1. But it was a good cookie :) I owe you a cookie! I got the skate shot but I actually didn't see it. I snapped at just the right time and then I realised that he was on a skateboard. So I was very lucky to have got it!


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