Saturday, 10 November 2012

EVENT: My 80s Themed Movie Night

Last Saturday night I celebrated my 27th birthday - even though my birthday isn't officially until the 15th. What started off as being a little 80s movie night, turned into an 80s themed dress up party movie night - complete with 80s music, decorations and snacks and a Rubix Cube birthday cake (with colourful food dye inside to look extra 'rad').

I worked hard on the table setting. I bought any candy that was bright and colourful. I also made fairy bread, vodka shots in orange and passionfruit, truffles and created my own vodka punch (with apricot nectar, strawberry liqueur, vodka and fresh strawberries).

I also bought mini slinkies, candy bracelets, glow in the dark bracelets and (what I call) clackers. I also sprinkled the table with confetti, bought jumbo fluro balloons and had brightly coloured cups and plates.

We watched Gremlins, The Labyrinth and The Princess Bride.

I had a really good night and I thank all who attended! 

I wanted to just share a little taste of the hard work I went to because it was absolutely worth every cent.


^ the pink, green and blue thing above is what I call a clacker. WTF is it called? I have no idea.


and this is what I wore ...

jacket - kenji @ myer
knit, leggings, belt - Supre
shoes - payless shoes

It's hard to tell - so I wish I got more photos but I have fishnets over my tartan leggins, fingerless gloves, a faux nose ring, long earrings with a cross at the bottom, and a second belt from big W.

It was a really hot night so for most of the night, I just wore the knit and leggings. I loved having the retro crimped hair look though - it brought back so many memories.


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