Saturday, 15 December 2012

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1-3 Mornington Peer. My parents - aren't they cute?!. Boats at Mornington Peer.
4-6 Fishing at Mornington Peer. Place mats at The Rocks. Bubbles at The Rocks.
7-9 Black Forrest Cakes at China Bar. Desserts at China Bar x2

Sorry for the lack of posts. Christmas is a busy time and I hardly have time to come online. Still today is a very special Instagram post because all these photos are from today. Today I headed to Mornington for the twilight Mornington Market - usually only held on the second Sunday of every month. There were so many amazingly cute Christmas jewellery and trinkets. I bought some earrings which I will show tomorrow.
After the market, we headed to the peer and had a drink at The Rocks, before heading to China Bar for dinner. China Bar is a HUGE buffet style restaurant. We arrived a little after six and the place was chock-a-block with people! I'd never been before but I was impressed with the variety of food. From sushi, Indian, dim sum, fresh seafood, so many cakes, fruit, jelly candy, hot food, roasts etc etc. I will be picky though and say that there was no ice cream :\ Not that I would have had room for it anyway after eating 'all I could eat'. It was a great day out and nice to do some last minute shopping before Christmas.
10 days to go!

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