Wednesday, 20 March 2013

EVENT: Melbourne Museum for White Night Melbourne

After Pako Festa, my friend and I headed into the city to Melbourne Museum. It was going to be open until 10pm, as part of the White Light celebrations happening in the city. Once again, I knew nothing about it but I was told that their would be dinosaurs - and I'm a nerd for dinosaurs - so we opted to go along.

We weren't expecting such a HUGE crowd when we arrived! When we finally managed to get in, there was a huge line to get into the twilight tour - which you needed a torch for - so we opted to look at the rest of the museum first. We walked through the rainforest, human body, Earth and minerals, dinosaur, marine life, bugs and butterflies and paintings. We then realised the time, and headed straight back to the huge line - we were the last people to get in the line before they shut it off. There were so may complaints and people trying to sneak into the line - it was crazy! We had to wait about 45 minutes.

Photos under the cut. It's hard to remember as it was a month ago - sorry :\


Bugs - big to small

Part of the twilight tour - a man dressed as a dinosaur. The kids were screaming as it came near them. Sadly, this was the best part of the twilight tour - it was a bit of a let down after 45 minutes of waiting, and being in there for about three minutes.

We left the Museum just before 10. We hadn't eaten. We were looking for somewhere to eat but most of the city was blocked off and it was super crowded everywhere! We had no choice but to go home as finding a car park seemed impossible. It was a sour ending to an otherwise good day.


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