Sunday, 28 April 2013

EVENT: Empire by Spiegelworld

Last night I had the opportunity to see Empire by Spiegelworld at Rooptop at Crown Casino. I always laugh that no one ever believes my age, so I'm carded every single time I enter the casino area. But anyway. I had some friends come from interstate to come and see the show.

I'd never heard nor seen anything about it, but of course I was going to go considering how big of a fan I am of live shows. This one definitely doesn't disappoint. If you get a chance to see it - go!

I have some pictures and information below the cut. A LOT. So beware if on dial up.
Please note, crude humour and language also.


Also, I haven't had a chance to proof read. I will edit when I get a chance.

Upon arrival you're just mesmerised by the big tent. It looked like how I imagine an old school travelling circus gypsy tent would look like - I'm talking back in the day with bearded ladies, freak shows etc etc. The lights and atmosphere is overwhelming, and you quickly become excited for the show ahead. With an open bar, wooden seats and booth seating around the edges, you're guaranteed to have a good time.
You're first greeted by the husband and wife comedy team. They are very crude but very amusing. Their first trick is a quick costume change routine. She changes about two or three times, because it's the husband's time to quick change - and alas!, he's nude! He tries to quickly tries to cover himself as if it wasn't on purpose. The wife then continues to make jokes about his tiny penis and how it looks like a mushroom. He argues that it gets bigger, which she fires a quick remark back. This goes back and forth before the first act. I also remember the husband licking bald members of the audiences heads and comparing them to a hairy ball sack.

The first act is the aerial bubble contortionist. She climbs into a giant bubble and moves her body in all kinds of positions - there's a clip on youtube if you're interested. She then spins a hula hoop on her foot and around her body while in the bubble. Then, the most magical part of the routine, real bubbles fall from the ceiling. It was magical.

Next three sexy girls in black lingerie with suspenders dance onto the stage. The three make a stack and balance themselves in a tower. There's flips and spins and just pure amazing stuff. There's a video on youtube also.

Next up, is the man and woman on skates. They skate round and round, before he lifts her up and she spins out around him in a circle whilst holding onto his hands. She then spins whilst hanging from his neck. And then the all impressive, spins whilst hanging (and spinning!) from his neck.

The husband and wife team returned to stage. She was dressed in a monkey suit and then stripped down to a sequined red dress. She went up to an audience member - his name was Ben - and sat on his lap. She said that she didn't want to sit on his penis - or maybe she did. She asked if his balls were so big that they touch the water in the toilet bowl when he goes. /Crude. She asked if he was 'married, dating or fucking' the woman he was with. Ben replied all. She then asked how long they'd been fucking for - in which he replied 'fucking for 12, married for 10'. The wife called Ben's wife something like a saucy minx. The wife then brought Ben to sit of a chair on the stage. She then stripped off clothing piece by piece. She took of his shoes and smelt them, and she made him smell hers. She also made him smell her faux merkin. At the very end she took her top off and rubbed her breasts in his face. She then turned around and showed her faux hairy nipples. 'I'm European' she remarked. The husband then returned to stage angry what was happening with his wife, so he lifted up his skirt (he was singing in a dress and had red lipstick on) and flashed his balls in Ben's face. Then the husband planted a nice wet kiss on Ben's lips - leaving his lips bright red.

This was by far my favourite act of the night. I don't want to describe it because it was too amazing for words. Watch the video, please. It was the most amazing act that I've ever seen.

A woman came on stage a sung a song, when a suitcase was brought on stage. Through the song, a hand unzipped itself out of the suitcase. The wife then climbed out of the suitcase. She said that her husband refused to buy her a seat on planes anymore. 'Some woman come with baggage - I'm my own baggage'. They then took bites of bananas and spat it into each others mouths. They turned to an audience member and he too had to spit a piece of banana into the husbands mouth. The husband and wife went back and forth, back and forth. He then proceeded to juggle two pieces in his mouth at once. She then kept spitting banana into his mouth until he could fit no more, then he stood over her and spat all the sloppy banana into her mouth. She then proceeded to the same to him, and then him to her. The audience were slightly horrified - but were otherwise laughing.

The bubble woman returned to stage and did some work with the hula hoops.

Then - in the book it lists him as the half naked Asian with the goat hair - more hula hoops. He came onto the stage with the first three girls - they were all wearing the V for Vendetta masks. He was on all fours with the mask at the top of his head. He started off with a small hoop and spun on it on the ground, then upgraded to a bigger hoop and did the same - before he worked with a larger hoop with straps. It's hard to explain what he did - but he kind of spun and stretched and twirled and did all kinds of things with the hoops. There's footage on youtube, I believe.

Next up, were a sexy couple in white underwear. They almost danced in the way their bodies moved - but it was very sexual, like they were intertwined. They manoeuvred into positions that were a little naughty. At the end, he took of her bra and they embraced. At one stage, he held onto her feet and she fell forward gracefully near the floor but reaching out to an audience member.

One of the acts involved a spinning top - as above. The man spun the top on a machine before a stick was brought out. The man then followed the lines of the bark and manoeuvred the top up and down, back and forth, top to toe. The top never stopped spinning until he stopped it at the very end. In the first picture, the top is spinning on the very top of the branch without any help from him. It tilted and still spun. Amazing.

The last act was one with many sticks. The man started with a feather, which he balanced on the edge of a stick. He would then pick up another stick and another, before the other sticks were all balancing together. It's hard to explain - but there is the video above. He doesn't complete it in the video. On our night, he lifted the completed balancing sticks onto his head, then resting it on the last big stick. The sticks were swaying but they did not collapse. The stage hand then bought him a box to stand on - as he was too short to reach the feather. Standing on the box, he blew the feather and the whole thing fell apart. It was amazing. By the end of it, he was so covered in sweat. The video goes for a while but it's definitely worth watching.

There were some other musical acts - but apart from saying 'they sung' I can't remember much else.

At the end, the cast came onto the stage and said their goodbyes. All I can say, is it's an amazing show to see live if you ever get the chance. Yes, it is crude and I probably left a lot out - my memory is a little hazy from that night ... I was out a little late :\ But I highly recommend it!

Search 'Empire Spiegelworld' for more videos :)


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