Monday, 22 April 2013

VIDEO: Zo Stil by Jim Bakkum

I've said many times how in 2010 I lived in Holland. But have I ever mentioned how I started learning Dutch? Well, it all started with one singer - Jim Bakkum. Jim was runner up in the first season of Dutch Idols. I won't get into how I found out about him or his music - but his first three albums were in English it wasn't until he released his fourth studio album Vrij that I started to learn through song.

I'm not good at learning from books, so music was the perfect way for me. This is Jim's new song and I adore it. Yes, it's in Dutch and I don't know all the lyrics but I love it anyway.

I've been a fan for around 10 years and have met him around 8 times. But what always brings me back is my love for his music and voice. I hope you like!


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