Sunday, 19 May 2013

LOVE: Petunia Printed Gathered Side Dress by Supre

I'm obsessed with the print of this Petunia Printed Gathered Side Dress by Supre.

Through having this blog, it's dawned on me how simple my clothing taste is. I'm not one for designers. I choose what I like based on the appearance, rather than a label. When it comes to buying designer, I just can't justify the price tag. In the past, when I've bought designer, I feel so paranoid that I'm going to wear it once and then spill something on it and ruin it. At least with a low price tag, if I ruin it after one wear, it won't hurt so much. I take amazing care of my clothing, but I like to stick to things under $100. I do go over sometimes - like on a good coat or dress - but I do try to limit myself. I also believe in quality over quantity - but moreso, cost per wear.


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