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EVENT: All Hell Breaks Loose IV


So last, Sunday I attended All Hell Breaks Loose IV - a Supernatural convention with guest stars Misha Collins (Castiel), Sebastian Roche (Balthazar), Matt Cohen (Young John Winchester), Richard Speight Jr (Trickster/Gabriel), Mark Sheppard (Crowley) and special host for the day, Rob Benedict (Chuck). Rob stepped in to host when Corin Nemec (Christian) sadly had to cancel his appearance.

Oh! And let's not forget the Supernatural Sing-A-Long.

Lots of details under the cut ...
VERY VERY text, photo and video heavy!

I'm going by memory so details might be slightly wrong ...

no personal fan photos/autographs are included as they are just for me.
also sorry for any spelling/grammar problems - this took so long! I'll fix it one day.
and I'm sure I'll come back and add more as it comes to me :)


I always feel like I have to have some kind of disclaimer when I go to a convention because I'm probably the worst convention go-er there is. When it comes to fandoms, there really isn't anything that I'd say is my favourite and I watch so little so it's really surprising that I don't have anything that I'd say I'm fanatical about.
So it wasn't an easy decision for me to agree to attend this convention. My friend kept asking me if I wanted to go and I said no so many times, but in the end I decided that I would go. Why? I wanted to meet Richard Speight Jr. So basically, I was going to spend $170 (plus photo costs) to meet Richard. I was happy to see Corin again too, after meeting him at Oz Comic Con last year and adoring him so.

I was happy that Rob was brough on to replace Corin. Don't get me wrong, I would have been happy with Corin but they couldn't have picked a better replacement than Rob. I can honestly say, out of the whole cast of Supernatural, Rob and Richard are the two I wanted to meet the most.


I woke up at 6am (I don't think I fell asleep until 2am) that morning and was out the door at 7am. I met my friend, took the train and tram, and arrived at the venue just before 9am. The place was already packed with people! I'm glad we arrived when we did though because the line to buy photos and autographs was small so we didn't have to wait long. I bought my photo tokens for Richard and Rob and then waited off to the side - as my friend was buying photo tokens and autographs with everyone. 

I was waiting at the top of the stairs, when outside, a car pulls up and I see the stars inside. I was the only one who was standing around and saw them walking up the stairs. Mark walked up first and was talking to somebody. Rob with Sebastian followed - he looked over and smiled at me. Next was Rob and Matt. Matt looked at me and said good morning and asked how I was doing. Then Misha followed. Others saw them as they walked past the photo/autograph line but I was really lucky to be standing where I was at that exact moment.


Shortly after, we found our seats and sat waiting for the event to start. J9 and 10 ... not too shabby!

After hearing about the rules and how things were going to work, the guys came out for their intro. I don't remember much about it except them all remarking how they felt like they were there to teach a class, that they were told that the table in the centre of the room wasn't going to be a distraction (they were lied to) and how that Matt sounded like he was an airline captain (his mic was busted - they took turns using it).

So more blah blah blah rules .... trivia games too - I knew two answers :\

We also recorded a video for Corin 'We Miss You Corin!' while flipping the bird. Awesome.


It was time for photos! We were called on row by row for photos. While the rest of us waited, we watched a couple of Supernatural episodes. I can't remember which ones because they were later ones ... Something about Kevin and Crowley and all that.

It came time for our row for anyone getting photos with Misha, Rob or Mark. So up we got. My friend was made to go stand with Misha first. As I was only getting a photo with Rob, to which the lady in charge of the line sounded really surprised, had me walk around.

There weren't many in Rob's line so I had a short wait. We didn't have a big conversation but I told him how I was only getting photos with the shorties (aka him and Richard) so I didn't look too short. He smiled and said he liked it and then said it again as I walked off.

Rob came out to host after his photo sessions. He said how he's nothing at like his character.

We had a bit of a Q&A and then he did commentary on episode 'The Monster at the End of this Book'.

I remember little things like:
- He thinks he looked really dirty and just wanted to scrub his face.
- There were a lot of writer jokes that he didn't understand and had to ask somebody about them.
- The line 'Did (is it Paul?!) put you up to this?' he thought was about another writer.
- He remarked on how Jared's (plays Sam) hair was so short back then.
- He said he wore two pairs of underwear as he was nervous *ahem* would fall out when he was wearing those tiny shorts.
- He said that he was asked if he wanted glasses as a prop for Chuck when he was reading. Rob said he likes to work with props - but there was a whole big bit of when he'd be wearing them, slipping them off and on, tilting his head so his eyes could be seen during takes etc etc.

I had to leave the commentary as I had to go get my photo taken with Richard (Sebastian or some of the group photos). His line was HUGE! And my main complaint of the day, because I really wanted to stay to hear more from Rob - as he was one of the two that I was there to see. So my whole waiting with Richard was spent wishing I was back watching Rob and staring at Sebastian :)

When I got to the front of the line with Richard, we took our photo. I told him that I was going to ask him to do the Casa Erotica scene with him (I meant the talking parts) but I thought it would end up on youtube. He said maybe in the panel - but I didn't want it to be. It was short and quick - he had a lot of people to see and I wanted to get back to Rob so ...

I went back to my seat and Rob was singing one of Louden Swain's songs Eskimo. Totally cute. And there was audience participation. He then had to rush off for group photos ...

But some questions answered throughout the day were:
- he said he didn't really have a favourite song of his because he tends to remember more what the song means to him and where he was when he was writing it.
- He said he thinks Chuck was really a way for the writers to explain how hard writing really is. And might have said that he was more Erik Kripke - but he didn't know if he would buy strippers if the world was ending.
- He said he hoped Chuck would return. He's heard rumours but nothing official from the people in charge.
- He said that his son likes to play the drums.
- He said that you could buy his band's CD on itunes, amazon or through the website. He also bought a handful with him which he'd sign during the signing sessions.
- Rob mentioned the story about Jensen letting Rob using his dressing room.

He also sang She Waits.


After all the photos were said and done, it was time for our first official panel - Sebastian Roche.


Sebastian has such a filthy mouth - I love it! He came out on stage singing Sweet Transvestite (from The Rocky Horror Show) with Melbournian replacing Transylvania in the lyrics.

The photo above was after Sebastian got onto the table near the end of his session, Rob came in the room to tell him his time was up ... I don't know how it got to where it did but this was basically Rob saying how Sebastian's package was magnetic. Yeah.

He would say every ones name very sexily when they said their name. We were told that he may not answer many questions as he likes to have fun, I guess you could say, but he did quite well.

Some of the answered questions were:
- He joked if he wasn't an actor he'd be 'in jail - or in jail in jail- and then said, that no he'd like to be an adventurer. Rob explained how Sebastian was climbing a rock in Sydney and how he fell off the side, picked himself back up and climbed it again.
- There were some Jim Beaver jokes ... milf jokes ... he said how he dropped a women's pants once and ... well that's a little rude and hard to explain without visuals. It was too funny!
- He said he would like Balthazar to return as a different character and at the end it would be revealed who he was. Like if he had a sex change and then hey, surprise!
- He made some jokes about Lord of the Rings. He said that Gandalf and Frodo had a "special" relationship (just think of their heights ... and actions that could have been performed). And then with Sam "oh Sam". Something about Sam asking Frodo to put on his "cock ring" and letting him carry him.
- He spoke a little about The Vampire Diaries and how, in both shows, he was killed with a phallic looking object. But in TVD he was more of a bad guy.
- He mentioned Costco but I don't remember why. He joked about Burger King being called Hungry Jacks over here.


Straight afterwards was the lunch break. We had 45 minutes. Not having a clue where in the city we were, I ate an apple and a bag of milk bottle lollies. Mmm yummy!

We went back in, checked out the merchandise (I bought nothing) and took our seats again. On the screen was a cooking video with Misha Collins and his son West. So cute!

Then it was time for Mark Sheppard's panel.


I didn't know how to take Mark. He's very different to the rest of the cast in the way that he behaves. Rob said something about him being Scottish - which Mark joked about being that he isn't. Rob asked him how he orders bangers and mash and wonders why he never gets beans. Mark explained banger = sausage and mash = potatoes so no beans.

Some of the answered questions were:
- He was very interested in who had never seen an episode of Doctor Who. And then those who'd never seen an episode of Battlestar Galactica. He said if you wanted to make a fan of somebody, start with the current episodes of Doctor Who but with BSG, you'd have to start at the beginning because otherwise you'd be lost. He said he didn't believe that you had to see all episodes of something to be a fan - because he didn't know of anyone who could possibly have time to see 80?? years of Doctor Who.
- He spoke a little about his work on Charmed. He said that the cast were all nice ... to him. He especially liked Rose McGowen and liked to go on set just to annoy everybody.
- He argued how Crowley may not be a demon as his eyes have never gone red. And then spoke a little about the finale of Season 8.
- A little boy asked why he sent Bobby to hell. Mark showed a photo to him on his phone of the two of them together. I didn't get to see it but I imagine it was a kissing photo.
- Mark's jokes about "ooh Dean" were really funny! As were his impressions of Bobby.


After Mark, it was time for Richard and Matt's panel - they invited Rob to stay, and he did.
Cue, hugging :)


The first question was one about flying. And they told a hilarious story about their flight over from Sydney to Melbourne the night before.

Some of the answered questions were:
- I remember Richard joking how when he and Rob were kids they were wishing they'd be 5'10 - but I can't remember what it was in reference to.
- They were asked what their inspiration was for playing the character. Richard said getting the part. Matt looked most like Jeffrey Dean Morgan (plays older John) so got the part for that.
- Matt still calls Rich Rob and Rob Rich - even after doing so many conventions with Richard.
- Richard said how amazing the crew on Supernatural are. He returned after a season away and the crew were just as friendly with him. Matt said the same things about the crew. They all said they'd love to come back - and especially do a musical episode of Supernatural.

Richard said how much he likes to tease Rob because of his reactions. He explained how when they did Comic Con together, Richard sent Rob a text saying 'where are you?!'. And Rob freaked out because Rich had got him the job, he wanted to make a good first impression and thought he was somewhere where he wasn't supposed to be. When then came Richard just casually walking over amused by his joke.

Rob told a story about how he was at a hotel and there was a woman at reception also checking in. She was wearing these hot red pants. Looking smoking. He kept looking at her and checking her out. To himself, he was thinking of how much he couldn't wait to see Richard and tell him how how this lady in reception was that he was checking out. Then she turned around - it was Richard's wife. Rob came clean and Richard's wife, slightly disturbed, said 'nice to meet you'.


Rob, Matt and Richard decorated their own shirt for the auction. Rob said all his bidding stopped once Sebastian had touched it. I don't remember what they all look like. I think Richard drew around Rob's face for his. Richard's had a girl body on the front in a bikini. On the back it said how Rob hates Perth. Matt's I can't remember.

Misha and Sebastian did later. Misha's had a butt drawn on it and wrote ASSBUTT above it. Sebastian's was also a body picture. He was told to draw Tim Curry but couldn't. He also said he'd draw his member but it would take up the whole shirt. After finding out that the money from the tshirts was going to a children's charity, they said that they would have drawn something more appropriate.


Then it was time for our last panel - Misha Collins.


And then Misha came on stage - only it wasn't Misha .. it was his brother in disguise. Personally, I thought Misha was on drugs. Anyway, cue video ...


Some of the answered questions were:
- Misha spoke a little about his cooking videos with West. And how his wife hates to be on camera.
- He spoke about Castiel now being human and where that leaves Jimmy (his vestel)
- He pulled his pants down and showed that he had Supernatural underwear on. They were black with Jared and Jensen's faces on the butt. Afterwards he exclaims how he didn't know why he showed us that.
- He told the story about paying back Jared in coins (check youtube, I'm sure it's there somewhere)
- He spoke about maybe Castiel getting a new wardrobe next season. And how Sam and Dean can take him shopping if after Castiel picks out some horrid neon spandex clothing on his own.


After Misha's panel (and a bit of an auction) Rob came out and said the final goodbyes because it was time to get our autographs on! It felt like we were waiting forever to get ours. We were treated to another full episode of Supernatural and some other bits and pieces of film - before we were finally called.

As I said before, my friend was getting an autograph from everyone (well the one from Sebastian was for me!) I almost got kicked out of the line but I was determined to meet all the stars so I stayed put.

We first lined up for Mark. He started singing 'This is the song that doesn't end ...' I smiled at him and said thankyou - that's all I had to say as his line was very long.

We next went to Matt. I don't remember anything being said except maybe hi and thankyou. Next up, Sebastian. He said 'hi darling' as he does. And he said my name is a lovely way. Swoon. I told him that I used to date a Sebastian but I told him that he was much more better looking than him. He said thankyou and smiled all lovely-like.

Next up, we went to see Rob. I had quite a big talk with Rob. It was quite nice. I had dreamt that Rob replaced Corin at the con and then a day or two after, it was announced just that. So I told Rob and he said that I must be psychic and I joked that I was a prophet. So on the autograph he wrote 'just like a prophet'. When he went to hand it to me, I told him it wasn't mine - it was my friend's. Too funny. We spoke a little more before we lined up for Misha.

Misha didn't say anything. I smiled at him but that was all. His line was the longest so it was very in and out. 

I wanted to see Richard last, and so we did. Richard's line as quite long. He asked my friend if she had had a good time. She replied. And when he was signing I asked if we had two seconds to ask him a question. He and Rob were next to eachother so it was more like a group chat thing. It was fun. And lots more talking ...

Oh! If anyone is a fan of Danger Bottom and Kodpiece - Richard said that they may be doing the same this year :)

Then we said our goodbyes.


After getting lost and eating dinner, we headed to the Sing-A-Long or Karaoke.

It was a really fun night! Matt said that the rules were if we weren't singing along, we had to get up on stage and sing acapella on our own. At one stage he came into the audience to try and find people. Matt and Richard were hosting - but Rob and Sebastian joined on stage for a couple of songs. Misha also came in to the room but stood in the crowd and watched. 

Rob also tried his hand at the Australian accent. Sebastian was his normal perverted self.

Some of the songs sung were 'Untouched' by the Veronicas, Grease medley, 'Never Getting Back Together' by Taylor Swift, that 'Black Velvet' song, 'Livin La Vida Loca' by Ricky Martin, 'It's My Life' by Bon Jovi and the night was finished with 'Carry On My Wayward Son'


I'll add more as I think of it. This took around 3 hours to write so I hope you've enjoyed it!

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