Sunday, 28 July 2013

OUTFIT: Death of a Single Man

Last night, I attended a Murder Mystery dinner party. We were each given a character and costume suggestions for our respected roles. My character Pelvis was a lone cowboy whose interesting (and I stress interesting!) background unfolded during the course of the party. It was a lot of fun and all the costumes were amazing. Everyone put so much effort into their costumes - and their accents. 

shirt and jeans: co\ my father
 boots: Betts 
bandana: eBay
belt: Primark
the hat came from a discount shop
gun: the reject shop
rope: dollar king
belt buckle, holster and spurs: made by me

The belt buckle is cardboard (painted gold with nail polish) with a cardboard bulls head stuck on (coloured with black marker) and marker details for decoration. The holster is made from paper and I used a brown felt marker to give it a worn leather-like textured look. The spurs are two pieces of cardboard slotted into eachother (painted gold with nail polish) and held in place with blutac.

I hope you like it!


PS. yes my crotch is stuffed =P


  1. You look amazing! The effort you put into your costume is amazing! You totally rock it! And ahahaha at your PS comment!

    1. Thanks love. It was a lot of work but so rewarding. Did you see the group shot on FB? Everyone keeps thinking it's my Dad and/or I'm a real guy :\ Dunno if that's a compliment or not really haha. Haha, sock penis' sure are uncomfortable haha!


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