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So since I have my internet back - finally! - I wanted to share with you guys how I spent my life last week. I did something called GISHWHES. What is GISHWHES, you might ask. Simply put, it's the Greatest Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen. It's a yearly event run by actor Misha Collins for charity. You can find out more information here:

You and your team (15 per team) get 155 tasks to complete each varying in a different point value. The tasks range from the bizarre like dressing up an over 75 year old man as a Jersey Shore female cast mate, making a picture of Chris Hardwick in dried fruit and ordering fast-food in a Shakespearean tongue; to the more charitable tasks such as donating blood, helping out at a soup kitchen or helping the homeless. 


I wanted to say my take on my experience as this was the first year that I decided to participate - having only heard about it this year ... Anyway, I can honestly say that I was terrified and had NO idea what I had signed up for at the beginning. I think I just thought that it might be some fun and, after reading the testimonials, wanted to see how affected I would be by the whole experience.

So what would I tell someone who had never participated in GISHWHES before? I would say, be afraid! Be prepared to give up sleep, eating, working and your social life for a week. Be prepared to make new friends, for everyone you know and love to think you're totally mad!, do things you'd never thought you'd get an opportunity to do before and feel like you've truly changed the world in some small way.  

I came out of it a changed person. I guess it made me less self conscious and more confident in some ways. I was dressed as a tiger in a supermarket and after five minutes I just couldn't have cared less anymore about the weird stares that I received. I always give it charity but having truly seeing how it affects people is something that I will never forget. 

And now coming out of it, it's hard to know where life goes from here. It's a mad crazy week. I learned that the 97 year old family friend I've known since birth has killer legs! I was literally cutting up watermelon until 2am. I had green fingers from dying material. I got preggers for a photo shoot. Then you look back and you're totally in awe of all that you accomplished with your team. It's amazing how many people are willing to help you out. It makes you appreciate people more and see that there is good in the world.

You're probably thinking that I sound crazy because how can what I say be true. And granted, this just be what I got out of it. But it's something you just have to try for yourself and see. 

Thankyou GISHWHES, thankyou Misha and co, and thankyou to my gorgeous team! I love you guys and hope one day we can go have a drink together - we've earned it ;)

I've shared some photos of my week. All up I did 14 challenges, but here's a snippet =D

Best of luck to all who entered!


^ Scottish 'caber' Asparagus toss

^ beefcake - eww! Smelt so gross. Baked it at 1am :\
^ writing in the sky = skywriting, right?

^ so proud of my drive-in - even though it wasn't technically correct :\

And my watermelon dress that took 24 odd hours to make!
I loved this dress. It killed me to throw it out. It was like my little baby by the end lol





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