Saturday, 24 August 2013

LOVE: Harry Potter Range


I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited for the new Harry Potter Range by BlackMilk.
I'm freakin' out man! Everything looks so amazing! 
I might just have to put my order in for a pair of Ravenclaw leggings!

All this amazing stuff!
Maurauders Map Leggings
Deathly Hallows Leggings
Snitch Leggings
Patronus Leggings
Gryffindor Leggings
Slytherin Leggings
Hufflepuff Leggings
Ravenclaw Leggings
Daily Prophet HWMF Leggings
Death Eater HWMF Leggings
Wanted Bellatrix Dress
Maurauders Map Cover Dress
Maurauders Map Inside Dress
There’s a Phoenix In My Office Dress
Team Weasley Swimsuut
School Black Swimsuit
Gryffindor House Swimsuit
Slytherin House Swimsuit
Hufflepuff House Swimsuit
Ravenclaw House Swimsuit
All Houses Swimsuit
First Year Swimsuit
Deathly Hallows Swimsuit
Hedwig Shift Dress
Undesirable Shift Dress
Snape Attack Shift Dress
Weasley Weather Bottle Shift Dress
Undesirable BF Tee
Gryffindor Shooter
Slytherin Shooter
Hufflepuff Shooter
Ravenclaw Shooter

Out on September 3rd.





  1. I KNOW RIGHT! I'm trying to decide what I NEED to buy. I wish I could buy everything!

    1. I know, right?! I already want two pairs of leggings and the whole range isn't even up for sneak peek yet so I'm sure I will want more. Ah, so want to buy! Someone needs to invent a money tree just for us :)


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