Friday, 18 October 2013

NEW: Neon Yellow Dress by Glassons


Sometimes, even when you have no intention of buying anything you don't need, you find an item that you just have to have! This was the case for this Neon Yellow Dress by Glassons

I was shopping at DFO (so basically an outlet store for cheap clothing) and they had one left (and in my size too!) on the rack. I saw it and LOVED it straight away. I was there to buy a black jumper and Glassons had many to choose from, so I thought I would look around the centre and come back to the shop to try on all the options that I had - incase I found something I wanted even more with the lack of money I had. We walked around the whole shopping centre - with no purchases in hand - and the dress still on the rack - I decided to try everything on. I took in about 5 jumpers and the dress. 

As soon as I tried the dress on, it was love. I took it as a meant to be moment. It was down to $15 (from $39.99). And I'm SO happy with my purchase. I love it! 

And in case you are wondering, I did end up buying a black jumper too =D

My neon yellow clothing collection is growing oh so large ....

Back to saving for me! :)



  1. Guh! I don't blame you, that dress is gorgeous!

    1. Yes! It's perfection! I am toying with the idea of wearing it on Thursday - but I'm unsure if I want to wear bright colours at an improv show. I don't want to be called up on stage and all that :\


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