Tuesday, 12 November 2013

NEW: Strawberry Waffles Pullover by Cotton On


I say I'm saving and then I go out and buy a bunch of stuff :\ Still, I must brag and say that I did save enough money for my holiday and then some! 

A bit of a long story but way way way back in the day, Cotton On had a pair of faux leather leggings. They are so old that I can no longer find them online - I remember they sold out online, that's how old they are. But I knew my local store still had some sizes left even now still. So the other day, after pining over them for so many months, I finally decided to try to them on.

AND GUESS WHAT?! They were perfect. They were comfortable and flattering on and just purely amazing. But even better than that, they were down to $10! 

But I ended up grabbing more items to try on and ended up snagging this Strawberry Waffles Pullover by Cotton On also. You know when you try something on and it is just so perfect on you that you must have it? And you just know that you will love said item and wear it with everything? This is how I felt about it.

I think Cotton On has really stepped up their game in clothing. Glassons too, actually.


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