Friday, 29 November 2013

OUTFIT: Set Fire to the Rain


I'm writing this very fast as I run out the door. How amazing are my Lord of the Rings leggings?!I had some amazing lady stop me and ask about them. She said they looked amazing - she had seen them online but she had never seen anyone wearing them. Sure did make me proud to be her first :) I once saw someone in Harry Potter leggings and I just had to speak to them too! Funny, we're like a little community almost.

Anyway, I hope you like! I'm really liking jumper/shirt combinations lately. It's kind of nerd-chic lol


jumper - glassons
shirt - supre
leggings - 'Hills of Gondor' LIMITED Blackmilk
scarf - kmart
shoes - payless shoes



  1. Guh! You look amazing! Love the leggings! I'm thinking I need those, or the Middle Earth Map leggings.

    1. I'm thinking about getting the Middle Earth Map ones too ... I just don't know about the gold. I'm so torn! If they had have been in the Cyber sale, I would have absolutely not hesitated!


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