Saturday, 28 December 2013

LOVE: Circular Deco Hardcase by Colette


I'm sure I've mentioned it before as to how much I hate shopping for bags. As I don't buy anything leather - and I'm extremely fussy when it comes to the quality of faux leather - I find it so hard to find anything I remotely like on any level. It's very rare that I find a bag worthy of being my own. So I always find bag shopping to be so frustrating and overly annoying that I use the same bag until it falls apart and I'm forced (literally. begrudgingly) to buy a new bag.

However, I love clutch bags. I could have a clutch bag for every day and I'd still want more. There's just something about them that I love, adore and find extremely elegant. Of course, it's totally impractical for me as I love big bags that I can carry my life around in. But I love them all the same. At the moment, I'm totally crushing on this Circular Deco Hardcase by Colette. Reminds me, in a weird way, of the Empire State Building.

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