Wednesday, 1 January 2014

LOVE: Conquer Earrings by 8 Other Reasons


I love these Conquer Earrings by 8 Other Reasons - but I found them through chance - which I'm still a little bitter about. 

There are certain websites that you sign up for where you complete surveys to get money, vouchers and/or prizes. One website that I'm apart of, has the option to turn your survey points into a mag shop voucher. So I went and had a look see and saw that, due to Shop Til You Drop now being weekly, you could get a subscription for half the price and it came with a piece of 8 Other Reasons jewellery. So I straight away jumped on the offer and turned my points in a voucher. Little did I know that it would take 5-7 days to get said voucher.  

So the voucher finally came and I straight away turned on my computer, jumped online and went to the bookmarked page - only to find out that you could no longer get the half price deal with the jewellery piece. It was back to full price with a chance of winning a trip to Hawaii. 

I was gutted. And still am. Now I have this unusable voucher. So now I'm going to be watching and waiting for a similar deal in the future ...


and PS.


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