Monday, 10 March 2014

OUTFIT: Wedding #1


And so I get to Wedding #1. The beautiful Wedding #1. 
PS What's up with my lipstick in photo #1? I just don't know ... Weird, much?

The ceremony was scheduled to start at 1.30pm and the reception didn't start until 6pm. The guests were sitting in the hot sun for an hour or so before the bride arrived. Granted to say, those who didn't think ahead (99% of us) got sunburnt. Me who is Miss Paranoid was lathered up in sunscreen and only managed a hurtful knee sunburn - alas, I misjudged the length of my dress. My sister said that my hat and dress made me look like an 80 year old woman but she ended up stealing it for most of the day (it was too windy to hold my hat down and switch to take photos with my phone and camera).

It was a beautiful affair though. The ceremony itself was very heartfelt and sweet. The reception was a fun drunken night - as it should be - with a most fun photobooth. You can clearly tell, I had a fun time in the photobooth - and this is just a taste of the shots I was in haha.

dress - Portmans
hat - Big W
lipstick - Napoleon Perdis
sunglasses - Gucci
bracelet - bevilles

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