Friday, 14 March 2014

OUTFIT: Wedding #2

Wedding #2 started at 9am. I had gone out for my friend's birthday drinks the night before so let's just say, I didn't get much sleep. But I dragged my butt out of bed before 7am, put on my face and was out the door quickly. This wedding was very church-y and very traditional, and with the reception at noon - it wasn't as much of a drunken affair as Wedding #1. Still, it was a beautiful day =D

I had this outfit planned even before I knew what I was going to wear to the first wedding. I have worn the exact same outfit (minus the facinator) to the races before and I'd loved it. This is my favourite dress. It's on size too big as I bought it on sale but it doesn't matter. To me, it's perfection. I just wish I had bought the yellow one like I had wanted to :\ I will always regret that decision ... But I still love this outfit all the same.

See my tanned knees from Wedding #1? Haha. It's still oh so bad!
Wedding #3 is on tomorrow night =D

dress - ASOS (old)
earrings - Avon
bag - Colette


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