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EVENT: Michael Buble World Tour 2014


I was lucky enough to attend the past Saturday show from Michael Buble's World Tour 2014. I want to thank my Mum for the awesome Christmas present <3 To be honest, I actually didn't want to go. I'd seen him before - and although I'd loved the show - once I've seen a person in concert once, I rarely feel the need to go again. Still, I wasn't complaining about the free ticket - believe me!

I've written a mini review with some added tidbits from the show. I hope you enjoy!

Please note: I'm going off memory so some details may be off.
If I think of anything more - I will add it later :)


Firstly song list:
  • Fever
  • It's a Beautiful Day
  • Feeling Good (Encore)
  • Cry Me a River (Encore)
  • Song For You (Finale)
  • Everything
  • I've Got The World On a String
  • Close Your Eyes
  • Crazy Love
  • Haven't Met You Yet
  • Hold On (maybe)
  • You're Nobody until somebody loves you (maybe)
  • Home
  • Try a little Tenderness 
  • Come Dance With Me
  • How Sweet It Is
  • Moondance
  • To Be Loved (maybe)
  • You make me feel so young
  • All you need is love
  • Get Lucky - Daft Punk cover

The first song he sang was Fever. There was dramatic music and then all these flames just bursted up on stage. The curtain danced with animated flames and Michael stood in the middle of it. He then slid down the ramp on his feet to the roar of the crowd. The second song he went into was Try a Little Tenderness - which is a personal favourite of mine <3

After singing a couple of songs, he greeted the crowd and asked for the house lights to be turned on. He read a couple of the signs and things that the audience had bought in  - he was really grateful for the Canadian flags people bought in. One of the posters said 'I love boobs' - which Michael said thanks for the I love boobs sign. Some woman near the front of the stage had a sign asking if Michael could kiss her Tasmanian Devil soft toy she bought in. Michael made a few jokes how he's an entertainer and he doesn't do things like that. But the woman made a "walk" for the restricted section "oh you're coming over? you don't even care what I said. and there's no security there to stop you" But Michael came down the stairs and the then now-security guys let her past. Michael asked if she really wanted him to kiss it. The woman tried to put her face in there so he would kiss her instead. So Michael kissed her on the cheek and made out with the Devil.

He then walked back on stage with the Devil and said how she had bought the toy for his new son Noah. He said how Noah and his wife were both with him at the concert. He also made some jokes about how hard it was for him to give birth - or watching his wife give birth, rather - as it took him a whole 15 seconds lol. He spoke more about his son and wife but I can't remember too much. His parents were also touring with him.

He also mentioned how after he sings a song he has to tell his wife that he loves her. But she had reminded him that he'd forgotten to do so twice. So she said that she's going to go out and choose a movie to watch "ooh that has a guy and a girl kissing on the front so it must be good" type thing.

So what else ...

  • Michael said that he likes to treat his concerts like he's on a date. He likes to start things slow and then afterwards we're all invited to go have dirty sex in his car. 
  • At points during the concert he would tell the crowd to stand up. Then he told us to sit down and he remarked how he felt like he had such power. He said that he'd been bought up Christian. He grabbed the microphone and started moving it around like the priests (?) do. (You'd have to be there as I don't know how to describe it)
  • He said how his father always used to tell him that he was crazy for liking the classic artists - so he and Naturally 7 (the support act) arranged to sing a Motown song just for him. But I can't remember what it was ...
  • He said at the end of Everything how 80% of the crowd was singing 'La' at the end but the others were singing 'Love'. He said how he wrote the song so he knows the lyrics and they're La's. He said that he plays in a lot of countries where they barely know English. And in Stuttgart Germany it's like (putting on an accent) "Oh ya. I know the words to this bit of the song. Love Love Love" etc. \\ It was so funny!
  • He said how much he loves playing the Rod Laver Arena because it has such an amazing sound. It looks beautiful but it's so intimate that he feels like he is playing in a club - even though there was 10,000 people there.
  • I loved the way he introduced his band. I usually don't listen to this part of the concert but he did it in such an entertaining way. On the screen were - what I'd descibe as similar to wrestling screens. It said their names and little details about them. But Michael would make jokes like "this guy must have worked at Subway because he turned my 6 inch into a footlong" He also said how all of them were his best friend - saying after how he didn't really like any of them - especially Alvin Chang - aka Alan Chang. To which he also spat on his piano chair before Michael sat on it haha - as a joke, of course.
  • Michael said how every song he's wrote that has been on the radio he has written with Alan. He said one of them either starts with some lyrics or a melody, and they bring it to the other. He said that he would like to show the audience how one of his song began and how it ended. So he wrote this song when he was 16/17 and it sounded like "this" and then it turned into Everything.
  • He said that "this" song was written by two very talented artists in (some anceitn date) Guy Sebastian and Delta Goodrem \\ it was a joke, as it was a classic song. But funny.
  • He said how truly grateful he is to everyone for coming to see his show and how much everyone has changed his and his families lives. And how he can't truly thank everyone enough. And he said that that's the motivation to remain so humble.
  • At one point he threw his towel into the audience and the crowd went nuts!
  • At one point during the concert Michael made his way into the crowd and sang 'Get Lucky' by Daft Punk. And then headed to this light up round stage in the middle of the room. He shook people's hands - even let a lady kiss him on the cheek.He took someones phone at one point and sung into it and spun it around and around. I hope that footage ends up on YouTube. As what a lucky person!
  • During one song, he said that it's the perfect song for couples to snuggle up together. And he said if you're single, it's the perfect opportunity to hook up with one of the couples. He said that it's so stupid that in this messed up world how guys can't be proud to say that they're a hopeless romantic.
  • He said that he wanted everyone to be up dancing by the end of the night. He said no one should be embarrassed because you'd never see the smucks beside you again - and everyone has seen how he dances himself.
  • At one point some person called out 'I love you, Michael' and he said 'I love you too, stranger'

 The highlight for me was 'All You Need Is Love' because during the song all this red and white heart shaped confetti flew up into the air. It was gorgeous and inspirational. It was magic. I loved it.

The Encore was also very special. At the end of Cry Me A River, Michael raised high into the sky (as below). It was a powerful moment. Then the lights shot out and the stage went black.  It was amazing!

The very last song he sang was Song For You. At the very end he took of his microphone and sung it acapella. It was so intimate and beautiful. I loved it SO much - especially as that's one of my favourite songs. I got a video of that very special moment and I will keep it with me always.


All up, it was an amazing concert. It was a lot better than the last night - but I think more so because I had such amazing seats this time. I could see everything so perfectly. Naturally 7 were also very good. I'd seen them before at Michael's other concert so I knew what to expect. They are always entertaining. They made everyone get up and dance but I was so tightly swished in that I could barely move. I was mucho disappointed. But the guy next to me was taking up way too much room. I wanted to punch him haha!

Anyway, I'm sure I've forgotten a whole bunch of stuff but I hope you all enjoyed the review. I highly recommend going to see him in concert if you ever get the opportunity =D


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