Tuesday, 3 June 2014

NEW: Hurley Boot by Naughty Monkey


Hurley Boot by Naughty Monkey via Famous Footwear

I buy boots like these every year and every year I wear them so much that I destroy them. I've bought expensive and cheap boots but as they always break anyway, I now only buy the cheap ones every year.

I do have a funny frustrating story with these boots actually!

I had been waiting for a voucher to come in the mail so I could buy these boots. So I waited and waited and waiting. And finally it arrived. So I was all ready to go. So an hour bus ride to the shops got me there. I was standing in line to buy hair colour - before I bought the boots - only to realise that I didn't have the voucher with me so I couldn't buy it. I was so pissed to have come all that way for nothing! So I hopped back on the bus to go home, only to look in my wallet ten minutes in and find the voucher after all. I got off the bus hoping to catch the bus going back to the shops only to realise that I had missed it by five minutes. So I had to wait twenty minutes for the next one. I got back on the bus back only to realise I had fifteen minutes of shopping time before I had to be back on the bus to be home by 4pm. And of course, I needed shops in the opposite ends of the shopping centre. So I walked around the shops like a mad woman. I was in and out and onto the next shop. I literally went all around the shopping centre - even tried on the boots - and was out of there onto the next bus. Exhausted. Dying. I was so angry by the end of the day. And I felt really really stupid!


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