Monday, 25 August 2014

OUTFIT: Great Gatsby


Last Saturday night I went to a friend's Great Gatsby themed birthday party. It was such an awesome night! She had a red carpet, a DJ, a cocktail bar, a photographer and a shoe shaped cake. 

These are the best photos I have so far ... 

I'm so proud of my outfit because everything I'm wearing came from my very own wardrobe. I bought nothing for the party. I consider this a triumph! 

Anywho - I hope you like my outfit (my grandpa said I looked the part)
Thanks to my little sister who spent three long hours curling my hair!


Headband - Equip
Dress - Max
Blazer - Supre
Shoes - Fashion Footwear
Bag - Betts
Necklace - Valleygirl 
Lipstick - Napoleon Perdis

More on this later. I'm literally falling asleep at the keyboard. It's been a busy couple of weeks. Lots of family drama and so much work. I feel as if I could sleep for a full month at least lol. 


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