Sunday, 28 September 2014

EVENT: Melbourne Show 2014

Last Tuesday, I went to the Melbourne Show. I haven't been in about three years so it was nice to actually have the opportunity this year. I would have LOVED to go on some rides this year but alas, I wasn't with the right people for rides, sadly. I also didn't buy any showbags - talk about a drag lol.

But it was a really great day! We tried so much free wine and food! For lunch, I had some vegetarian spring rolls and dumplings in the Pavilion. It was delish!

The real highlight - however - was seeing the Masterchef house! More so because it was such a surprise. I had NO idea that they filmed at the showgrounds but also, that we would have the opportunity to go in there. I got a photo with Season 1's Chris, last season's runner-up Laura and 2013 winner Emma Dean. We were in the line to meet this season's Byron and Sam but we didn't stay as it was SO hot in the house. Neha was also there selling her award winning ice cream.

I've included more photos under the cut. I also included one of the amazing cakes and some art work. Also the cutest Llama you've ever seen! The cats were also adorable. Lots and lots to see!

Definitely go if you get the chance. It is a little expensive but I have no regrets =D


Jumper - Cotton On
Dress - Supre
Hat - Big W
Necklace - Fashionology
Sandals - Betts



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  1. Oh! Oh! Oh! Next year, we can go together, and go on rides! I love a lot of rides, but don't know many people who do!


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