Monday, 13 October 2014

BLOG: Why I've chosen to do Buy Nothing New again this month.

This October, I decided that I would be doing Buy Nothing New again. It is a charity that promotes borrowing, reuse, recycling and buying only what you need instead of what you want.


Sometimes I go to the Tip with my Dad. The landfill situation makes me so sad. So many things can be recycled but people are just too lazy to do so. I know for a fact of a big company who just dumped millions of dollars worth of merchandise at the Tip to become landfill. If they had taken the merchandise out of it's cardboard boxes and packaging then the landfill waste would have been so miniscule. I would have also benefited to donate the merchandise instead of just easily throwing it away.

Things like this makes me so sad in my gut that this is why I was inspired to do it the first time and why I have decided to do it again this year.

Even though it is already half way during the month, you can still take the Buy Nothing New pledge with me here >


No one said it was going to be easy. It is meant to be hard but it is so rewarding. This month the only things I have purchased has been a program from Once (I NEEDED this! I have had to try and track down old programs and it isn't fun! I collect them, you see) and some new bathers (An essential because the idea of wearing someone's second hand bathers really disturbs me!)

So here's some tips to help you get started:
  • PARTY. If you have a party coming up, ask a friend if you could kindly borrow some clothes, shoes and jewellery instead of going out and buying it all new to wear once. If you can't borrow, hit up an opportunity, vintage or charity store. You never know what you'll find!
  • BIRTHDAY: If you have a birthday or occasion where you have to buy a present, why not get them an experience they won't forget. Try a hot air balloon ride, a dance class - or just take them out for a meal. You'll both get to enjoy something together and there won't be no awkward disappointed faces or dodgy returning of gifts.
  • FURNITURE: If you're about to move house and need some new furniture or homewares, you can find plenty of barely used good quality items online, at second hand furniture stores or op shops. Not only will it cost you a fraction of the price but it's good for the environment.
Check the website for more. There are heaps of amazing ideas going around. 
It'll help your bank account and the planet.


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