Monday, 17 November 2014

EVENT: Rifle Shooting


Every year for my birthday I try and do something that I've never done before. Previously, it's been ice skating, archery etc etc … kind of like a bucket list thing, you know? This year, I decided to go shooting. I've always wanted to go pistol shooting and shooting that paper man cutout - but alas, I couldn't find anything suitable in Melbourne - so the next best option was rifle shooting.

I still had a cold and had bad hay fever so I actually don't remember too much except that I was really uncoordinated but I don't regret doing it for a second. And I actually shot some of the clay targets so I wasn't a complete failure. If you ever get the opportunity, do it! It's a pretty amazing thing to try if only once in your life!

And I have a pretty epic bruise on my arm to show for it! 
Photos under the cut!


Bruise. Day 1. 

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