Thursday, 4 December 2014

EVENT: GISHWHES Coffee Table Book 2014

I MADE IT INTO THE GISHWHES COFFEE TABLE BOOK OF 2014! Last year I got a quote in the book - but this year, I actually am in two photos! Our team actually got four of our photos in this year - which is more than previous years :) But I guess because they are out in public now, I can share them with you =D The first is the spider-knot and the second is an elegant dinner on a table made of people (I said arses would get us in the book lol).

Thank you to all the judges and volunteers who voted for our pictures to be included. My goal was to get in the book this year so it was so exciting to see that we had actually made it! My book hasn't arrived yet - these are taken by my team - so I can't even imagine how totally more excited I will be once I get the book myself! It is a happy day!

PS, don't I make a sexy man?! Haha! Handlebar moustache and all! Fun times!



  1. Haha! You make a sexy anything! Congrats!!

    1. Haha love you! And thank you! ^_^ It is so very exciting!


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