Friday, 9 January 2015

ARTICLE: Once Upon A Time ..

Once upon a time, Mallory rode a train. On this train was a kindly-faced dark-haired boy who stood up so she could sit on the vacant seat parallel to his. Mallory, grateful of the kindly boy's gesture of having risen to his feet, thanked him for his kindness.

Mallory, as she frequently did, shut her eyes to catch some extra Zs during the early morning commute, making sure she opened them ever so often to make sure to not miss her stop, and catch a quick glance   at the kindly boy and smile to herself, thinking of the his generosity.

The kindly boy too, kept his eyes closed, occasionally waking from his light slumber to make sure he too didn't travel too far, and to look over at Mallory and smile to himself thinking of her sweet thank yous.

The train, drawing ever so near to its final station, the kindly boy stood up to leave. Mallory smiled so sweetly at the kindly boy who stood adjacent to the door as the train began to slow to a gentle halt.

The kindly boy smiled back ever so affectionately at Mallory. And Mallory, lowered her head to hide her flushed cheeks. For in all his looks and kindness, the kindly boy was just Mallory's type. And she hoped too, that the kindly boy felt the same way about her.

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