Monday, 23 March 2015

INTERVIEW: Comedian Damian Cowell

For more on Damian go to:
For tickets to his show at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival go to:

I haven't done a video interview in a little while so it was quite funny doing this one - especially being in such a public place where people could watch. I'm naturally quite shy and very over critical of myself. Like when I watch this video, I think I need to diet (which is true, I do have three weddings to attend), I need a new camera with a microphone (which is true, and I'm saving for it) and cut my hair (which is also true, but I'm not allowed to do - the Bride doth says so)

But I'm still very new to this and still learning. Every interview is a learning experience. So please be kind. I thank Damian very much for taking the time out for the interview and thanks to Nat for filming!



  1. I think you did wonderfully! And practice makes perfect! xo

    1. Thanks Nat :) Appreciate it. I'm looking forward to going to the show!


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