Thursday, 20 August 2015

NEW: Cinch-Neck Block Floral Tankini Top by Lime Ricki


Remember when I posted agessssssssssssssss ago saying I planned on buying this Cinch-Neck Block Floral Tankini Top by Lime Ricki? Well - I finally did! I need a good pair of bathers for New Zealand so I thought it was perfect timing to get the other pair.

Funny enough. I went to buy them and thought, No, I will wait until a sale comes along. And presto! the next day I got an email announcing an email. So I jumped on it. I'm oh so happy! It's already on its way to me.

I love the Lime Ricki range. If you want some cute bathers, I'd suggest giving them a look. I like the coverage/support they provide, because I'm a total wreck when it comes to buying swimwear =\

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