Saturday, 26 December 2015

NEW: Boxing Day Sales Buys


Please forgive my lack of posts. With New Zealand and work, time got away from me. My bad. But I want to share details of my trip - so I plan on doing a tonne of write ups over this long weekend =D

Today, however, I hit the shops for the boxing day sales. I can't remember ever actually going - maybe once or twice with my parents back in the day - but I got up early, braved the rain (hey, the wet rat look is in, right?) and hit three shopping centres. Yes, three! Why just settle for one, I say?

I actually did quite well. I didn't go nuts and buy things I haven't had my eyes on for ages or don't need. And everything was under $15. Yes! $15! Bargain!
This is what I got:
Grease Sleep Tee from Peter Alexander 
Lily Loves Lace Hem T-Shirt Dress in Black and Stripe from Target
Black Dress from Portmans
Shorts from Glassons

The Grease tee I've wanted since I first saw it but I couldn't justify the price tag as I can't see me wearing it so often - also, strangely enough, I'm not actually a huge fan of the movie, but I just loved the print. I want to wear it with a pencil skirt and make it look really professional-looking. 

The Target dresses were an odd one. I'd seen someone wearing the striped one and I loved it on them but I didn't know where it came from. I then stumbled across the dress on Target's eBay website, but I didn't fancy paying postage when I could just go into the store. Then it went on sale and I was more inclined, but I thought I still should try it on for size. I ended up finding it in black too so I ended up just buying both in the end. They're super comfy and light. So great for summer! 

The black Portmans dress was more of a desperate purchase. I was rushing to Peter Alexander but I quickly ran into Portmans along the way. I found this dress. It didn't have a proper tag and didn't seem to really belong anywhere. I think it must have been the last one. My guess is someone cut the tags off and returned it, so they sent it to their outlet store. Anyway, being the last one, it meant that it was very cheap! I didn't have time to try it on so I took a leap of faith and hoped that it would fit. I desperately need something for NYE and I hoped this would be the one. When I got home and tried it on and it fit, I just knew it was perfect. It was a lucky break as I really am cutting it close.

The Glassons shorts I'd seen it store and liked before, but I'm not much of a shorts wearer - but I need some shorts for my trip away to Queensland next year, so I thought I should probably get them while they're so heavily discounted. Luckily, they had plenty of sizes available.


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