Friday, 11 March 2016

EVENT: Queensland - Day 5

 Day 5 was our last day - we had originally booked a shuttle bus to the shopping mall, but then we decided to go hot air ballooning instead. Random, I know. We had both never done it before, so we decided to take the opportunity on our last day. After the late night we had the night before though, and with the 3am wake up for the ballooning - we were quite tired. But it was all in good fun because look at what we got to do!

I love a holiday that is jam-packed with so many things because you feel like you've been there longer than you have! Anywho, there's more under the cut! x

After ballooning, we had to rush back to our hotel to check out (after a fabulous buffet lunch put on by the balloon people, of course), before having to rush off for our free shuttle bus to the Ocean Jet. Although it goes a lot faster than the jetboat xtreme, I didn't like it as much - I felt like I missed the water blowing in my face. But that's just me - the one thing Ocean Jet has over the other is that it can really handle those large waves - which makes for quite a fun ride!

Then we relaxed in the pool for a bit before heading to the airport for our flight home.

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