Thursday, 18 May 2017

ARTICLE: Zaful's Three-Year Anniversary

Zaful ( are about to celebrate their three-year anniversary next month, so I was absolutely thrilled and delighted when they asked if I'd do a post in celebration! You guys know how picky I am when it comes to my fashion - while there is a lot I like, very few times do I actually buy. I always rate a website on quality, shipping and most of all range - if the website has many pieces I would happily pay for, then I consider it to be a winning website! And that rings true for Zaful.

I haven't known the company for very long but I was glad when they contacted me last year and asked if I'd liked to collaborate. Of course, I was skeptical. I always am but when they said they'd send me an item to try - I just couldn't resist! I mean freebies are always great, of course, but if the overall quality sucks - then you're not going to want to work with them again, push their stuff or ever feel inclined to wear it. So said freebie would just sit in your wardrobe collecting dust until the next charity clothing drive comes along and it gets sent off in one of those recycling garbage bins. Anyway, I've gone off on a tangent. Zaful isn't like that. They make quality stuff.

Anyone who reads this blog knows how much I love shoes - it's almost ridiculous how many pairs I have but as long as they're a little different to others you own, then I don't see the harm in a brand new pair. So I asked Zaful to send me a pair of gorgeous Rose Lace Up Stiletto Heels in Apricot ( You can read all my experiences here:

I was not only very impressed with their service and professionalism, but more so the quality of the shoes themselves. I honestly had low expectations. I thought they'd be like any other overseas website and I'd be upset about the quality - because that's how many of my overseas purchases have been - especially when they're as affordable as Zaful is. I'd say they're in the middle price range - affordable but not so cheap that the quality is nasty. You can tell love has gone into the products that they make - and I love that about them, because they are a little bit unique but classy, affordable and also good quality. That's rare - at least I think it is - unless you pay hundreds of dollars!

I know I'm going on a little bit too much but I honestly cannot fault them. Their postage is a little slow but that's only due to the distance it takes to get all the way to lil ol Australia, so it's understandable. They offer a 10% discount when you sign up and free postage for items over $30 International. I've shopped from other overseas websites before and been very disappointed with the quality of their items but I'm just to have Zaful disappoint.

There's about five pairs of shoes that I currently have my eyes on and many more dresses (including a white floral dress ( Do I need more dresses? ... yeah, well, I kind of do ... I have events coming up haha. Anyway, here are some of my favourite Zaful products at the moment:

Naturally, I had to pick a pair of shoes - and furthermore, my favourite - boots!
What pieces are your favourites?


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