Friday, 3 February 2012

EVENT: Paris Gold Sequin Dress by TFNC

I just said farewell to my TFNC Paris Gold Sequin Dress to the lucky winner of my eBay auction. It's the most comfy and sparkly dress that I've ever owned but sadly, I've had to make some tough sacrifices and get rid of a lot of my clothing for some extra cash.

If I haven't mentioned it before, I'm trying to save enough money to go to Holland in June/July because a friend of mine is getting married there this year. I used to live there actually - in 2010, I lived in the Holland (Rotterdam and Leiden) for 11 months. It was the most amazing experience of my life - and I can't wait to get back there because it too feels like home.

I think saying goodbye to one of your favourite dresses is a small price to pay to attend my friend's wedding, don't you think? Let's just not mention the cost of flights for a little while ...



  1. Hi where can I find this exact dress?

    1. Hi Sasha. Sadly the dress is sold out in gold but a number of colours are still available on TFNC (click on the dress link above). Or similarly, you can find one here in gold <-- click and type in House of Dereon Sequin Dress and it should come up =D Failing that, eBay is always a good option. Best of luck and thankyou for commenting x


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