Friday, 3 February 2012

SALE: Sheer Shirt Maxi Dress by Bardot

I can't figure out if I like or love the Sheer Shirt Maxi Dress by Bardot. Certainly I see it's potetial (dress, skirt, shirt, light cardigan, blouse or beach cover up) but something keeps stopping me from buying it and I don't know why. (It might be the sleeves - or lack there of).

 It's on sale for $50 - maybe if it goes down more, I'll feel the urgency that I must have it now Now NOW! lol. We shall see. I do love the pockets though ...

x M

PS. I'm also tempted to get these two ... 
Bardot Aruba Asymmetric Dress (in Forest) $79.95

PPS. Bardot, why do you have to make such fabulous stuff?! It's not a good thing for a poor student's bank balance :'( Although I do have a couple of weddings to go to coming up ... :)

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