Friday, 30 March 2012

EVENT: Fairy Land in Fitzroy Gardens

It's rare for me to go into the city just because it takes so long to get there. But whenever I do, I always try and catch lunch with people I used to work with. I was killing time before lunch, so I decided to head over to see the Fairy Tree in Fitzroy Gardens. I'd seen it before but it was pouring down with rain and I got so lost trying to find it. I went around in circles and passed it so many times without realising. So you can imagine in all that frustration, how much I didn't want to take a photo by the time I actually found it! But this time, it was so easy to find because I knew exactly where I was going.

It's a gorgeous place and it's lovely to sit in the cafe right near by if you get a chance - especially on a day like today when the weather was so perfect for taking photos.

Have a great weekend everybody!


v I loved this dragon slide/tunnel in the playground. So cute!

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