Friday, 30 March 2012

LOVE: Embroidered PU Jacket by ASOS Collection

I always believe that to make a good stylist you need many skills. But for me personally, the most important skill is to see potential and beauty in items that may not be to your own personal taste. It helps a lot when you're trying to style with something you think is the most hideous thing you've ever seen in your life and really sell it, so everybody who sees it instantly wants to buy it!

It's a skill that I don't think everybody has but it's a good skill to learn. This Embroidered PU Jacket by ASOS Collection is one of those items that I could never see myself wearing and so many people wouldn't understand how amazing it actually is. But I love how much potential it has to look good with so many things. I honestly love it - even if I wouldn't be caught dead wearing it. And that's why I share it with you today - because I think it has to be shared :)


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