Tuesday, 13 March 2012

EVENT: LMFF Paris Runway 2

For me, I always prefer a show to have theatricality, whether that be props, crazy hair, over the top make up, sets, strange walks etc etc. So for me, a show like this is never going to be as exciting. Not to say that I didn't enjoy it - but I prefer Von Fellies just because of the theatricality.

This show tricked me a little, because at the start, the lights went off and a group of models walked out in these florescent clothes. They were like an army of about 20 girls marching together - just dressed better than your typical army. But anyway, so I thought the show was going to have some surprise element to it. But instead, it was just a normal fashion show.

But I did enjoy it very much. My favourite show was by Gwendolynne. Trends were divided - glitz, glam and sequins vs tailored silhouettes with soft draping.

There's more photos on the official website LMFF 2012. I'll post some videos after the festival :)


 Bianca Spender

Carla Zampetti


Jayson Brunsdon

Megan Park


Yeojin Bae

photos by Lucas Dawson | source: LMFF 2012

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